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Male | Non-Union | Range 40 +

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Professional Trustworthy Warm Authoritative Bass-Baritone Storyteller Conversational

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Technical terminology

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I make Medicine and Science come alive! I am an award-winning documentarian, the son of a top New York surgeon, and husband to a rehabilitation program manager at a major urban medical center. It’s all real to me – and vital.

Many years of narration and broadcast journalism have prepared me for the gratifying job of helping others elucidate matters of importance to healthcare. In addition, I am a skilled writer and editor. You will find that I am professional, helpful, and easy to work with.

Featured Training

Voice Coaching

Julie Williams (Medical)
Catherine Sheehan
Roy Yokelson

Acting Training

Bill Smith (The Acting Studio)
Denver Theater Center Academy

Home Studio

Professional Quality

Shure PG42 USB Mic
Samson CO1U Mic
Audacity Digital Audio Editor
Gold Wave Digital Audio Editor
ISDN available

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Medical Overview


Medical Instruction

Medical Advertising



Featured Clients

Charles Nuckolls Productions • Steven Taub Productions
N.Y Telephone & Telegraph • Outdoor Life Network
WCBS New York • Armed Forces Radio & TV

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mobile ( 720 ) 217 - 6430 — location Denver, CO
email Don@DonHamm.net

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